YOGA BOOTY BALLET® Worldwide Licensed Instructors


YBB teachers are tried and true, full of energy, desire to serve and guide, and ready to lead you on a transformative journey. Licensed instructors go through extensive practical training and academic investigation to earn and retain their certifications, including studying within the YBB Teacher Training, CPR certification and additional yoga training and review. To earn a YBB Instructor’s license, trainees must test and pass practical and written exams as well as exemplify leadership, humility and persistence.

Your local YBB teacher works within the consistent and recognizable structure of the Yoga Booty Ballet format, while always making each class a unique expression of their individuality, so that you feel free to express yourself. Licensed teachers choose their own music and choreography, while adhering to the template of “Tuning In”, cardio dance, ballet, hatha yoga and connecting to Intention and Authentic Self.

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