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We would like to extend our warmest welcome to you as a new member of our Swerve Kula. Swerve is an open, loving community of the heart, fostering a non-competitive atmosphere that allows each person to feel comfortable and express themselves. Our instructors will exercise your mind, body, and spirit. Below is some helpful information on member benefits, prices, and policies. If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members!

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What’s the cancellation policy?

We have a 3-hour cancellation policy. Prior to three hours before class, cancelling is as simple as registering. Do it on the MindBody App or online (BTW, make sure to “favorite” SWERVE ®). You are responsible for managing your own schedule. If you have a frequent user pack, you will simply lose your class as if you had attended. If you have a membership, you will be charged $12 for a no show or $9 for a late cancellation. Switching classes will result in a late cancel if done two hours or less before class.

What’s the deal with parking?

We have a lot in front with 16 spaces, which are shared with the other units in the building. Parking on West 3rd Street is metered and costs $2/hour. Meters accept coins and cards. Sweetzer, La Jolla, Blackburn and West 1st Street all have 1-2 hour parking available free of charge. Read the signs, especially in regard to street cleaning. There is a $5 lot across the street at W 3rd and La Jolla.

Does SWERVE have a locker room and or shower facilities?

Yes. SWERVE has changing rooms available where you can store your belongings, and though there are cubbies to store your things, there are no lockable spots for your items. SWERVE has a shower in one of it’s 3 bathrooms, which is first come, first served. We offer towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. It’s not bougie, but it’s convenient and wonderful.

Do I need to wear workout shoes for class or a gym workout?

Yes, unless you are taking yoga, meditation, YBB or another barefoot dance class. Medical exemptions are also permitted with documentation of such.

I’m with ClassPass. Are some policies different for me?

Yes. Because of the integration with ClassPass system and their policies, we cannot sign you up as a walk in. You must sign yourself up for class no later than 5 minutes before class time through ClassPass via mobile device. Please reserve in advance. We cannot allow you to take class once ClassPass has closed registration. We don’t have the ability to sign you in. We hate to see anybody walk away, please sign up prior to the 5 minute cut off.

Sometimes you’ll see that a class has more spaces available on our live scheduler than shown on the ClassPass site. We dedicate a percentage of spaces to ClassPass clients, the rest are for SWERVE members. If a class shows as full on ClassPass, but there are spaces available, ClassPassers are welcome to buy a single SWERVE class. It’s fast and easy.

At SWERVE, we honor our agreement with ClassPass. We encourage you to honor your agreement with ClassPass, as well. Please don’t ask to be marked present for a class you don’t plan to attend. It is unethical. Thank you for understanding.

What if the instructor changes for a class that I have pre-registered for?

Trainers are subject to change without notice. We post substitutions as quickly as possible. We DO NOT give refunds or early cancels due to a teacher change. DO NOT ASK! As soon as a substitute is secured, all pre-registered clients are automatically notified by email.

I’m recovering from an injury. Should I take class at SWERVE®?

It would be better to sign up for private training with one of SWERVE’s excellent trainers, but your various injuries can be worked around and movements can be modified according to your needs. Please let your instructor know about your injuries so they may make suggestions and exemptions in instructing you to keep up with the rest of the group. You are encouraged to work at your pace and with your own limitations.

I’m pregnant. Can I still workout at SWERVE®?

Congratulations! You can probably do many of our workouts, but don’t take any of our Abs and Core based classes. Let your trainer or instructor know how far along you are, so you can be guided to slow down and modify.

Facts You Need to Know:

  • Be early. It is disruptive to the teacher and other clients if you enter the studio after sessions have begun. If you must be late, please note, there is a 15 minute cut off. DO NOT ASK to have an exception made for you. You are already more than 15 minutes late to a class that’s 30-55 minutes.
  • Please no perfumes or colognes.
  • Turn off all ringers. No talking on your phone in class or in the gym.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.



Class Pricing

We accept cash, checks (payable to SWERVE® – must provide valid ID), Visa, or Mastercard. $8 minimum for credit card charges.
Link here for Intro Offers.
All gym club and class series & packages are non-transferable & non-returnable. No returns, holds or freezes.
A returned check fee of $25 will be assessed for any checks that do not go through.

Package Extensions and Transfers

All packages are non transferable, non returnable, and do expire at the time specified upon activation. If you have a class series (i.e.; 5, 10 or 15 class series) and your package expires with unused classes, an extension may be purchased to reactivate your expired classes. Inquire at front desk to purchase an extension. Additionally, if you purchase a package while you have unused classes remaining on your prior package, please note that your new package’s activation date will be backdated to the date of your earliest unpaid class and that your new package will activate your expired classes for the valid activation period of your new package. There are no holds or freezes for packages. If you have a monthly auto-renew membership, this is different. In this case, you may freeze your auto-renew for one month at a time with advance written notice. In special circumstances of injury, a review may be granted only with a doctor’s memo citing health reasons or injuries and specifying dates of injury, inactivity and inability to workout. Please note, a doctor’s memo does not guarantee a package extension and a review may take up to 2 weeks. Nonetheless, we guarantee you a fair and honest review. We want you to be well and healthy. Working out at SWERVE is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and well being and it is our purpose to help you become stronger and and healthier.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Most of SWERVE’S® classes are available for drop in sign-up. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure easy sign in and being on time for class. Please pay for all classes BEFORE going into the studio. Reservations are recommended for some of our classes due to their smaller class size limit. These classes are indicated by an asterisk on the schedule, such as Circuit Training. You can call SWERVE® ahead of time to reserve your spot in these classes OR you can sign up online. Cancellations must be made 24 hrs. prior to the class start time for all Circuit training classes. If a cancellation is made within 24 hrs. of the class, you will not be refunded payment. If you have a class series, one class will be removed from that series. If you have an unlimited class package (including auto renew) the length of your pkg. will automatically be shortened by one day unless you arrange with the front desk to pay for the class instead. For regular classes where a reservation is not recommended, there is a strict 1 hour cancellation policy, under which the same rules apply for series/pkgs. & auto renew. Cancellation policies still apply to clients who make a reservation within the cancelation window.

Workshop Reservations & Cancellations

Pre-registration for Workshops must be paid in advance. Cancellations must be made 24 hrs. prior to the workshop start time. No shows and cancellations made less than 24 hrs. prior to the workshop start time will not be refunded. As a courtesy, a credit for 50% of the workshop fee will be put on the client’s account for future use at Swerve.

Return Policy

Exchanges for clothing & boutique items are only available within 14 days of purchase and must be accompanied by a receipt. Garment must be in new condition with original tags attached. Any returns are for STORE CREDIT ONLY. All sale items are final. All services are non-returnable.

Class Schedule, Cancellation & Substitutions

The class schedule is subject to change, for most current substitutions or cancellations, check online or call the studio. If there is an unplanned cancellation or substitution that occurred after you have pre-reserved the class, cancellation policies will not apply.

Signing into Classes

Whether you’ve signed up online, have a package or are purchasing a drop in class, you must always sign in to class at the front desk. Arrive early as sometimes a line can form. If you don’t keep track of your account online, it’s a good idea to periodically check your account status with the front desk worker. It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of owed classes & exp. dates, however Swerve will try to help you as much as we can. Keeping your contact info updated is the best way to ensure that you will be able to receive email reminders & notifications about your account status.

Signing Up for a Class Online

Easy online pre-sign ups are available through our website. Follow the links to “sign up now” on the class schedule. Once you have created an account online, you can access your purchase & visit history, keep track of expiration dates and remaining classes. You can also purchase classes, series, pkgs & gift certificates, sign up & pay for workshops and shop for clothes! This is a great way to save time before class & to ensure that you have a spot in the class! Just remember that there’s a 24 hr. cancellation policy for most pre-sign ups. Don’t forget to sign in at the front desk when you arrive at Swerve, just check the “Online” box if you signed up via the web.

Latest News

Keep up with us by subscribing to the Swerve Newsletter! Make sure that your contact info and email are up to date. Occasional updates on changes to the class schedule, workshops, free classes and other special offers, as well as monthly themed messages from Gillian all come direct to your inbox. We do not share your personal information with any other parties and your info is used solely by Swerve. To sign up for the news be sure to reply to the newsletter confirmation email that is sent to you upon subscribing. Join our Facebook group and get the insider scoop on all things Swerve or follow us on Twitter!

Gym Club (GC)

Get your workout in Swerve’s gym. Maximum capacity 12. GC hrs. are subject to change without notice. Please call ahead if this is a concern to you. GC is not open during circuit training. Priority use goes to private trainers. Shoes & Shirt are required. No cell phones. Please go outside if you need to make a call. No children under 12 yrs. permitted in the GC, minors under 16 yrs. must be supervised by an adult. PRIVATE TRAINING: Our gym hosts private trainers with a wide variety of specialties and backgrounds, including Pilates, kick boxing, and weight training. If you are interested in private training at Swerve stop by the front desk to fill out a private training intake form. On this form, you can detail what you would like to accomplish and what you are looking for in a trainer. This helps us to best match a private trainer to you.

Personal Belongings

Swerve provides cubbies in both the gym and studio to store your personal items during your workout. Swerve is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave belongings in the dressing room during last class of day as the gym side will be closed by the time the class ends. SHOWER: Swerve clients are welcome to use the shower after their workout. We do provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer & bath towels for your use. Please be mindful of time spent in the shower if others are waiting & be sure to return your used towels to the dirty hamper just outside of the dressing room. Please do not wear fragrances to Swerve as some clients are sensitive. MATS: Complimentary mats are avail. for your use or you may bring your own. Spray & wipes are available to clean your mat prior to use if you wish to, please wipe down your mat after use. We encourage you to bring a towel or rent one. TOWEL SERVICE: Towel service is included with the following packages: Unlimited classes, Goddess, Gym club, and private training clients. If you would like to purchase towel service, 30 days unlimited towel use can be added to your account for $5. You can also purchase towel service a la carte at $1 per towel. WATER: Bottled water is avail in the Swerve store for a fee. Or better yet, do the green thing & bring your reusable water bottle for a $1 water fill-up or $10/month unlimited refills. There is no drinking fountain at Swerve, so plan accordingly.

Class Etiquette

Please keep in mind that the instructor is in charge of decision-making during the class. Music, air temp, line formation, etc. are all up to the instructor. Please respect their authority. If you have any requests or suggestions you are always welcome to bring them up to the teacher at the end of class or to the front desk staff. Our classes are not formatted for children and there is no childcare at Swerve. Minors 12-16yrs. may only take class with special permission from the instructor and must be supervised by an adult. Pets are not permitted.

If You're Late...

Please do your best to arrive early to Swerve in order to allow adequate time to park & check in at the front desk. If you are 5-10 minutes late, please DO NOT enter the class if students are meditating or sitting with eyes closed until/unless you are waved in by the instructor. Please proceed to the back of the room, or a spot designated by the instructor. Be sure to give your body adequate time to warm up to avoid injury. For the safety of our students and out of respect for our teachers & the flow of class, anyone arriving later than 15 minutes after the class start time will not be admitted.


Parking in L.A. can be challenging, the busy business district around our studio is no exception. Be sure to read the posted signs before parking your car. If you are lucky enough to find a spot in our shared parking lot below Swerve, we kindly ask that you make your space available to the next client promptly after your class.

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